Magiline Filtration

FX Line

An exclusive patented pool filtration system: FX Line Filtration
  • Throughput 3 to 5 times higher than traditional filtration systems (sand type filter)
  • Better movement of the water (no need for a bottom drain)
  • Filtered water, changed 3 to 5 times faster
  • Substantial energy savings: your filtration system runs for less time with better results
  • A filter medium of 7.2 m2 for better filtration of your pool
  • A filter medium for particles down to 15 microns (against 45 microns for a traditional
  • filtration system, with a sand filter). The eye can see to 30 microns. With 15 microns, water is more crystalline, purer, cleaner, and clearer.
  • It is agreed that 80% of filtration quality is mechanical filtration. With the patented FX Line filtration system, less care products, cleaner, more natural water, and... savings
  • Pool filtration incorporated into the structure: no outside plant room that spoils the look of your garden; reduced costs.
  • Closed circuit pool filtration, no wasted water, including when the filter is cleaned.
  • Filtration « below the pool water level » : it is always « under load » => better output = savings
  • Water-cooled pool filtration.

The heat recovered is added back to the pool water without unnecessary heat loss. Water is one of the best sound insulators for an incredibly quiet pool.

The pool filtration pump runs under a deck and temperature differences are monitored and reduced: its life is extended. Enthusiasm for Pools in the smallest detail.


Perfect'filtre is an innovation from Piscines Magiline

Because the quality of your water is the key to everything else, the filtration system of your swimming pool incorporates a revolutionary hydraulic concept: the flow multiplier. Thanks to this innovation, the volume of water regenerated by your filtration system is many times that of a conventional system of the same power: your system filters up to 20m3 of water per hour using a pump delivering a flow of less than 5m3/hour.

This cuts your consumption of electricity and extends the life of your pump.

The fineness of your filtration system is also outstanding : it stops particles as small as 15 microns in diameter. This lets you use smaller quantities of treatment products for the maintenance of your swimming pool.

And your water is pure and crystal clear.